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Membership to this local club is 
for people living in or near MIAMI, FL 

(includes DADE, BROWARD and Palm Beach Counties)

If you live outside of this area, check 
to find out if a farm club exists in your area, 
or check the REAL MILK website to find a farm near you. 

These precious foods obtained from Miller's Organic Farm in Pennsylvania are PRIVATE and for MEMBERS ONLY. Joining the club allows you to obtain fresh raw dairy and meat from pastured, free roaming cows which are 100% grass-fed and raised using organic practices. Learn more about the treatment of the cows, goats, chickens, and pigs on the farm by clicking on each category name on this site.

Order online, and pickup your food every other Monday (see "Ordering Calendar") in four different locations in South Florida.
  1. How does this club work?
  2. How do I join the club?
  3. PRICES: How much does the food cost?
  4. Do I have to pay the $35 annual club fee before I place my first order?
  5. Where and when do I pick up my food?
  6. HOME DELIVERY by courier: I can't pick up at that time. Can someone else pickup for me or deliver to me?
  7. How do I change my pickup location from the Miami Warehouse to Coral Gables?
  8. Receiving our TEXT MESSAGE: I'd like to receive your pickup time reminder text. How?
  9. How do I keep the food cold before I get home?
  10. Other Questions Before Joining?
  11. Summary of Club Procedures
  12. Why are the late fees being charged?
  13. Can you waive the late fee for me?
  14. How SAFE is it to consume food from a small farm?
  15. Why does the invoice in my box differ from my order confirmation email invoice?
  16. Do you accept EBT or Food Stamps?
  17. Why should I join your club instead of just having the foods shipped to me via FedEx from Miller's Organic Farm?

  1. How long does the milk stay fresh? and butter?
  2. Can I freeze the milk?
  3. If I freeze the milk, does it lose nutritional value or enzymes?
  4. Can I re-freeze the meat if it arrives thawed?
  5. Do I need to boil the milk before giving it to my baby or child?
  6. How are the meats and chicken sent? Fresh or Frozen?
  7. I don't have much money to spend on food, but I have some immune system challenges. Is it really worth it to pay more for this fresh farm food?
  8. Substitutions: Why does the farmer substitute certain foods in my order, and how do I prevent this?
  9. Why are the meats always frozen? I only want fresh -NOT- frozen meats in my order.

How does this club work?

First, join this PRIVATE CLUB by paying a $35 annual fee (billed in Jan, not pro-rated). This allows you to order as often as twice monthly, or as occasionally as you wish. The name on your credit card will appear as "TURNING POINT HOLDINGS, Miami Beach". Order on this website at least 1 week prior to our twice monthly delivery/pickup dates which occurs every two weeks

On pickup day, a refrigerated truck delivers these fresh foods to 7 locations (MIAMI - CORAL GABLES - KENDALL - PALMETTO BAY - WESTON - PALM BEACH GARDENS - Hialeah), and members go to their assigned pickup location to get their pre-paid order. You must order at least 7 days prior to delivery to avoid late fees. See Calendar.

How do I join the club?
  1. Fill out the JOIN CLUB/REGISTRATION page to create your account, and then continue on to the ONLINE APPLICATION FORM which includes:
    a) Your contact information, b) Private Club Membership Agreement, and c) Risk Free Membership Payment ($35 annual membership fee is refundable if you cancel after giving this great food a try!). Billing is done by "TURNING POINT HOLDINGS, Miami Beach"
  2. Within 24 hours, (and if there is no waiting list), you will receive an email for our welcome letter with your activated password for online ordering! Be sure to look over the Ordering Calendar to see the ordering deadlines.

How much does the food cost?

Sign up for the PRICE LIST HERE, and the PDF price list will be sent to you immediately (opt-out of the newsletter easily anytime). There is an additional S&H fee added to each order (20-28% pending on order size). The prices are comparable to organic food costs at your grocery store, but much better quality of course. These prices are excellent considering the extreme care under which the animals are maintained, and how rare it is to find a family farm who uses traditional farming practices.

It's important to know that this high quality animal farm food contains 2-10 times more nutrients than conventional grocery store food. So if you really think about the value you get with every bit, the value of the food is a tremendously good deal!  

Once your Club Application Form is approved, your online account will be activated to view pricing. Here is an idea of popular items below.

Note: Pricing is for cost of labor, board, and bottling for foods from your animal lease/share. All dairy is from Amish farmers who specialize in unpasteurized, non-homogenized milk and dairy, and from 100% grass-fed cows on pesticide-free pasture never given antibiotics. Billing is done by "TURNING POINT HOLDINGS, Miami Beach"

100% GRASSFED Pasture Raised Raw ORGANIC DAIRY
- 1/2 Gallon Cow Milk= $4 (plastic) or $6.50 (glass), 1 Gallon $7.50
- Cow Yogurt $4.50 per quart
- 1/2 Gallon GOAT Milk= $9 (plastic) or $11 (glass)
- CAMEL Milk $9-13 per pint (pending on quantity)

- 1 Dozen Eggs= $6.00 (fertile eggs, chickens never fed any soy, and pastured)
- Chicken Legs & Thighs (soy free)= $5.75 per pound
- Chicken Breasts (bone-in, soy free) $10.50 per pound
- Whole Fryers (whole young chicken) $19.80 for a 4 lb chicken

- Ground Beef =$6 per pound or 2 lbs for $10
- Sirloin Steak $9.50 per pound
- Flank Steak $18.50 per pound
- New York Steak $16.50 per pound
- Chuck Roast $5.50 per pound (avg 3 lb roast)

LAMB (pasture-raised)
- Ground lamb $10 per pound
- Lamb cubes $14 per pound
- Lamb chops $22.50 per pound

PORK (happy hogs fed grassfed organic milk and soaked oats)
- Bacon (cured & salted) $12.50 p/lb
- Hot Dogs $6.50 p/lb
- Tenderloin Steak $12.50 p/lb
- Whole ham cured-salted $6 p/lb (avg weight 7-10 lbs)

Do I have to pay the $35 annual club fee before I place my first order?

Yes. However if you try the food and do not wish the continue your membership, we will refund the fee in full. That's how sure we are you will love this fresh farm food! Your Annual Fee is good through end of January each year, and will automatically renew each year on February, 1.

If you join the club in October, you will only be charged $17.50.

Of you join in Nov, or Dec, the $35 already covers the following year's Membership. 

How much is the Shipping & Handling fee on my order?

An S&H fee ranging between 20-28% is assessed for each member's order in addition to the cost of their food. This cost is to package your order into each member's box, transport them to FL in a refrigerated truck from the farm in PA, and store them until members pickup. Keep in mind, it is significantly more expensive to have the food shipped to you via FedEx. 

Also, the prices for each of the farm food items are very fair for the incredible quality you are getting! If you add the S&H fee to each food item instead of looking at the fee as a lump sum, you will see it's well worth the total price. For example, 2 pounds of 100% grassfed beef is $10 plus 24% S&H, it totals $12.40 which is still a GREAT deal.

NEW RATES as of Feb 21, 2013
  • $1>$99= 28%
  • $100-$199= 24%
  • $200-$399= 22%
  • $400+ = 20%
  • No Sales tax
The S&H fee on each of your orders includes:
-Packaging costs of food containers, cardboard boxes, and packing material.
- Labor for the Amish to package the food and pack the boxes individually for each client, load the pallets into the truck.
-Trucking transport fees from the PA farm to Miami, FL.
- Refrigerated warehouse rental where food is kept until you pickup.
- Staff who breaks down boxes from the pallets and organizes them by location for distribution, and distribution to members on pickup day.
-Website fees and programmer who builds and maintains our club website.
-Merchant Account fees (to accept credit cards)
-Admin assistant who processes our orders, charges credit cards, and creates purchase reports, item counts, and sales reports.
- Newsletter software, Quickbooks Online software, Text msg service, club coordinators barter fees, etc.
- Farm-to-Consumer Legal Defense Fund annual membership and affiliate membership for members.
- Monthly maintenance and fees to keep club running.

-Note: No salary is paid to the main person running the Healthy Food Club (Niki). This is a labor of love! All is re-invested to help improve our club so we can continue to obtain these wonderful health promoting nourishing foods directly from the farmer.

How do I add something more to my order?

It may not be too late IF it's BEFORE Noon on TUESDAY (deadline day - see Ordering Calendar). If you've forgotten some items, just place a WHOLE NEW ORDER including EVERYTHING you want. Log into your account, and click the "REORDER" link on your most recent order, and then "EDIT" your cart to add/remove items, and then checkout again. We will cancel your first order and keep your most recent one. You will receive an email letting you know that we cancelled your original order.

WHERE and WHEN do I pick up my food?
  • Our main location is in Miami on NW 23 St (NW14th Ave). 
  • Check the ORDERING CALENDAR for the pickup dates and times.
  • Check the PICKUP LOCATIONS page for detailed info, maps and photos on where and when to pickup (you must log into your activated account to view these exact pickup addresses since some are at private member's homes).


Where do you PICKUP your food?
Log into your account, and then click on "PICKUP LOCATIONS" on top menu bar to see all location addresses. Also see your order confirmation email.

How to Change Your Pickup Location
If you'd like to permanently change your Pickup Location, you'll have to update your account BEFORE you place your order.

Login to your account, click on "Update Address" found under Billing Address, then in the box next to "COMPANY", type in your desired location such as "Coral Gables", "Miami: NW 23st",  or "Weston").

If you already placed your order and need us to change your Pickup Location, then email us and we'll change it on your order.

How to Change your Pickup Location for One Order
On the first page of checkout, there is an option for "PICKUP LOCATION". You'll see your name and address listed under CLIENT INFORMATION, and right below your last name is the option to type in your PICKUP LOCATION. It should say "Miami: NW 23 St", "Coral Gables", or "Weston"

If you choose the wrong location, we are not responsible for getting your box of food to you. Please take an extra minute to double check your account and order. Your confirmation email will also reflect the location chosen for your order.
  1. Miami Pickup (NW 23 St)
    See Calendar. Our Miami pickup locations times and schedules. 

  2. HOME Delivery or a courier service by courier if you are not able to pickup yourself. 

I can't pick up at that time. Can someone else pickup for me or deliver to me?

YES, if you cannot pick up your box of goods, you may send a friend or family member.
OR, for delivery, call a courier delivery service such as GM Courier, or Esquire Express in Miami to have them delivered to you for apx $25. 

World Courier Ground - 954-430-5090 ~ www.wcground.com

Esquire Express Courier: Tel (305) 530-9580.

How do I change my pickup location from the Miami Warehouse to Coral Gables?

There are two ways to change your Pickup Location.
A) is how to change it temporarily on the order you are about to place. Or
B) is how to change your default pickup location permanently. If you already placed your order, email us and we'll change it for you.

A) Change Location on Order You're About to Place
See image "Step 1 checkout"
On Step 1 of the checkout page while placing your order, you will see the option for "PICKUP LOCATION" right below your name. This is where you verify that "Coral Gables" is typed in.

B) Change your Default Pickup Location on future orders
See image named "Edit billing info"
When you log into your account, you will see the option to EDIT BILLING INFO. When you click on this, it will show your address. By modifying the "COMPANY Name" seen right above your First Name, this changes your Pickup Location.

Type in "Coral Gables". If you'd like to change it back from Coral Gables to Miami, type in "Miami: NW 23 St" (note: the image below shows NW 21 st but it should say NW 23 St- our new address)

Receiving our text message: I'd like to receive your pickup time reminder text. How?

On pickup day, we will send you a text message to the cell phone listed on your account FROM short code: 313131. Feel free to email us the cell number you wish for us to send the text message (i.e. person who is picking up the order).
To ensure you receive our text reminder, please perform this procedure just ONE time: Send a text to 313131 and type in the word " help ". If you receive an immediate reply text that says "If you have a problem with EZTexting info...", then you are all set to receive texts from us. If you do not get a reply text, it means you'll need to call your mobile carrier and ask them to "unblock short code 313131" so you can receive our texts.

How do I keep the food cold before I get home?

For those of you picking up during your lunch break, you may not have time to go home and refrigerate within 2 hours of pickup. You may want to order the optional Styrofoam cooler padding with ice packs when you checkout online for apx $12. This keeps your food cold for 6 additional hours after pickup. Alternatively, you may bring your own cooler filled with ice to store your food.

Other questions before joining?

Contact the club coordinator at 305-677-2735 or via email (Contact Us) MillersFarm@ MyHealthyFoodClub.com (Remove the space after@). We're happy to speak to you about the food, nutrition topics, the farm, the animals, and anything else you have questions about!

Summary of club procedures
  • Join the club, pay the $35 annual fee, order online at least 1 week before one of the twice monthly pickup days. 
  • Orders must be picked up during designated pickup hours on your delivery day.
  • You are responsible for finding a way to pickup your order or getting someone else to pickup for you (i.e. friend, courier service, etc).
  • Call us if you run into an unexpected emergency and we'll try to accommodate.
  • If you cannot pick up your food box, you may call a courier delivery service.
  • To view exact pickup addresses, you must be an approved Club Member and log into your account, then click on "PICKUP LOCATIONS" menu tab.
  • You will be notified by email and text message on the morning of delivery as a courtesy pick-up reminder.
  • Order deadline is Noon every other Tuesday (See calendar). Email reminders are sent. If you don't receive them, check your spam folder and add our email address to your email address book millersfarm@myhealthyfoodclub.com
  • Late Order Deadline is Thurs 11:00am. A $20 LATE FEE will be added to your order if you placed your order after the regular deadline and by the late deadline (See calendar)
  • Optional Styrofoam cooler with ice packs is available to add to your order for apx $12. This keeps your food cold for 6 hours after pickup.
  • There is a Shipping & Handling fee for each online order ranging between 20-28% of your order.
  • No order cancellations possible after Thurs following late order deadlines.
  • If you forgot to add an item or want to remove one, and it's still before order deadline, you'll need to place a whole NEW order and we will cancel your first one. Login, clicking "Repeat Order", add or remove items, checkout, and then email us so we may cancel your original order.
  • You MUST write "NO Substitutes" on your checkout order comments if you do not want the farmer to substitute what you've ordered for something similar. (i.e. salted instead of unsalted cheese, or Country Bacon instead of Cured Bacon).
  • If you want your meats NOT FROZEN, then you must specify this on the "Order Comments" at checkout.

Why are the late fees being charged?

We implemented the late fees to encourage members to place orders before the deadline so that we can process the entire batch of orders efficiently through our system all at the same time. We have approximately 100 orders every 2 weeks which we need to process accurately and efficiently in a batch and sent out together on Tue morning. If all orders are processed in a batch before the order deadline, it's a smooth operation. But each time a late order comes through, it needs to be manually processed and integrated into the prior spreadsheet, item count, and summary list, which is time consuming and labor intensive. And then farmer Amos is assessed an additional fee for having that paper order delivered to his farm. (The farmers are Amish and have no computer, no fax, and no car). So the late fee helps cover labor costs involved in getting late orders processed.

Can you waive the late fee for me?

We are very sorry, but unfortunately, we cannot wave the late fee since it's not up to us. Here is the reason...

The orders are processed at Noon Tuesday, and total item counts and inventory reports are created and mailed out right after processing these reports. (The farmers are Amish and have no computer, no fax, and no car). If a late order comes in, the various reports would all need to be re-created to include the new order data.

Miller's Farm is charged a flat fee for driving over and a cost per page for the printout. (The farmer has to pay the same driving/delivery fee for 100 regular orders or 1 late order).

Then, when late orders are received by our club (before 9am on Thursday), our club pays someone to process the late orders and emails them to the woman in PA who then drives them over to the farm (two additional labor and transport costs).

Finally, farmer Amos has to hire additional assistants to prepare and pack these late orders in priority speed before the truck is loaded Friday/Saturday. So he decided we HAD to charge a late fee to cover costs (and deter lateness).

How safe is it to consume foods and raw dairy from a small farm?

The food from this particular farm is very safe and of EXCELLENT quality. This is because great care has been taken in raising all the animals and packaging the food. It is far safer to consume foods from a small farm who has control over every aspect of the animals and food production process, than it is to get food from huge factory farms who raise millions of animals and ship out enormous volumes of foods each day. Huge factory farms simply can't give the kind of quality care to each of their animals and production process.

Please read this article on SAFETY OF RAW MILK by Ted Beals, MD presented at the Third International Raw Milk Symposium, May 7, 2011. Dr. Beals disputes the FDA stance that raw milk is inherently dangerous to consume. His independent research on foodborne illness outbreaks combined with the government's own statistics on consumption show that Americans are 35,000 times more likely to get sick from other foods, than from farm fresh dairy. Read his presentation about Raw Milk Pathogens here on the RealMilk.com website.

April 8, 2013: Read Weston A. Price Foundation's press release and rebuttal on raw milk safety after a flawed study by the CDC

Also, here is data which shows that, each year, more people get sick from drinking pasteurized milk than from drinking raw milk.

There are never 100% guarantees about food safety, no matter what you eat or where you get it. Even non-animal vegan foods (spinach and melon) have been subject to terrible contamination issues and food born illness which have been far worse than recalls from animal foods. But, by getting your food from a source you know and trust such as a small family farm, or a local farmers market, your chances of contamination are greatly decreased. If possible, visit the farm who produces the food. If they don't allow visitors, then you should be suspicious.

As a side not, please read this article on food poisoning from non-animal foods like soy which have been the subject of the biggest food contamination recalls in history. Media has put an unfair bias against raw milk when it comes to food safety issues, and it's important that consumers see the real facts about how few people, if any, have fallen ill after consuming it over the last 10 years.

Why does the invoice in my box differ from my order confirmation email invoice?

The email you receive after placing your online order is only an estimate, not a final invoice.

The reason your final invoice (paper invoice in your food box) shows different prices than what your online order estimate, is because the meat and dairy products come packaged at different weights, and the exact poundage you ordered was not available. So the next closest weight package was used.

For example, if you order 1 pound of cheese, your actual cheese weight may be 1.34 pounds, thus your price will be adjusted accordingly. (See the exact weight on your cheese or meat package).

Keep in mind that most meat or chicken comes in packages weighing at least 2 pounds. So if you ordered 1 pound of any item, expect to receive at least 2 and an adjusted invoice.

Do you accept EBT or Food Stamps?

Unfortunately, our club is not allowed to accept EBT or food stamps since the food from Miller's Organic Farm is not approved by the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) since their food is not for sale to the public. It's a private membership club where members can obtain their food directly from the farmers via their private agreement contract and animal share/lease program. 


Q: How long does the milk stay fresh? And butter?
The milk lasts about 2 weeks in glass (less in plastic). Yet, once it sours, it's really not bad if you like buttermilk or yogurt. Unlike pasteurized milk which spoils and will make you sick if you drink it, raw milk simply "sours" and some people enjoy drinking it this way. It's similar to the taste of yogurt, sour cream, and kefir.

The butter lasts for 2 weeks refrigerated and for a couple months if frozen. I recommend you freeze any amount you won't use within 1-2 weeks, and thaw out whatever portion you need for the week in the refrigerator. This way you always have fresh tasting butter.

Q: Can I freeze the milk?
Yes, in plastic bottles or after transferring the milk from the glass bottle to smaller/stronger glass jars or pyrex. The glass bottle has shattered on a few people. Before freezing, make sure you first shake up the milk really well so the butterfat at top blends with the milk. Then loosen the cap and allow room for expansion of the milk so that the bottle does not explode.

Q: If I freeze the milk, does it lose nutritional value or enzymes?
No, it keeps quite well when frozen. Little to no loss of enzyme or immune enhancing compounds was found. But some loss of vitamin C occurs when stored for several months. This is based on the research done on frozen breastmilk.

Q: Can I re-freeze the meat if it arrives thawed?
Yes, you can safely re-freeze the meat as long as it is still cold (under 40 degrees). The USDA website explains that bacterial growth occurs when meat gets to room temperature or warmer. If it is still cold (as in refrigerator temp), you can safely re-freeze it.

Q: Do I need to boil the milk before giving it to my baby or child?
No, this fresh milk does not need to be boiled. It has been made with special care specifically for raw consumption. Boiling destroys the living enzymes which aid digestion and beneficial bacteria within the milk, thus destroying the benefits of this fresh milk. That being said, if you still feel uncomfortable serving this fresh milk to your child, then you may boil the milk and at least it will still contain vitamins A, D, K2, and CLA since it's from 100 % pasture-raised grassfed cows. However, it will be harder to digest and is not ideal for those with lactose intolerance or dairy sensitivity.

Q: How are the meats and chicken sent? Fresh or Frozen?
All meats and chicken arrive to you FROZEN in vacuum sealed bag unless you specifically request to receive "fresh" meat during your online checkout comments.

Q: I don't have much money to spend on food, but I have some immune system challenges. Is it really worth it to pay more for this fresh farm food?
Based on prices I've seen at Whole Foods and other online retailers for grassfed food (which is often just partially grassfed if at all), the Miller's Farm prices are quite reasonable, even for 1 person. We've even heard members tell us that some of Miller's prices are equal to what they find at the store for mediocre quality items (i.e. conventional vs Miller's pastured ground lamb).

I will tell you from 15 years of experience as a nutritionist, that although grassfed animal foods are more expensive, they are well worth every penny. Not only do they help your immune system by providing you with cleaner and more nutrient dense fuel, but it also fills you up more.

My husband and I noticed that ever since switching to grassfed beef and poultry and consuming raw animal dairy and fats, that we fill up much faster and on 1/3 less food. So although we are paying more per pound, we eat less and feel satiated. The bone broths are also a great way to help your meals go further. Make soups and beef stews with the Miller's bone broths which are for sale at a great price.

I have also noticed our immune systems are working better. We eat 90% of our meals at home and I find the more I eat out at restaurants where I cannot control the ingredients, the weaker I become. (I went into nutrition studies due to my weak immune system from birth to age 24 when I finally began getting better by changing my diet and taking supplements). The quality of the fuel you put into your body will cause dramatic and positive changes to the way you feel!

Q: Substitutions: Why does the farmer substitute certain foods in my order, and how do I prevent this?
You MUST write "NO SUBSTITUTES" in ALL CAPS on your checkout order comments if you do not want the farmer to substitute what you've ordered for something similar. (i.e. salted instead of unsalted cheese, or Country Bacon instead of Cured Bacon, etc.).

Q: Why are the meats always frozen? I only want fresh -NOT- frozen meats in my order.
By default, all meats come frozen unless you specifically request them to be "FRESH- NOT FROZEN MEAT" on checkout "Order Comments" box. All meat is frozen immediately, so the frozen meat IS fresh, but if you prefer it non-frozen, just ask and they will keep some aside for you before freezing.