About the Miami, FL Club for Miller's Organic Farm

In Aug 2008 Annika Rockwell, Certified Nutritionist, was looking for great quality raw organic milk, and dairy from humanely treated, 100% grassfed or pasture-raised animals for her dairy intolerant (or seemingly "dairy allergic") baby and husband. 

After much research, she found reputable source from an Amish farm which had gotten great reviews from Sally Fallon and the Weston A Price Foundation (see the Real Milk website to locate other raw milk sources in different parts of the country).

Both baby and husband did incredibly well on Miller's Organic Farm raw dairy and pastured animal food! But FedEx overnight shipping costs were astronomical.  So, she started this private club in Miami which allowed members to share shipping costs  (via refrigerated truck).

"Dairy allergy" or just intolerant to pasteurized milk?

After much reading and research on the health benefits and digestibility of raw milk, Annika decided to order it for her baby who was 7 months old at the time and had severe intolerance to dairy including all types of infant formula. Every two weeks (apx lifespan of the raw milk), she ordered overnight mail delivery of raw goat milk (and eventually cow milk and sheep milk). Each FedEx box would cost $80-$150 in shipping charges alone! But it was worth it for the health of her baby who THRIVED on this fantastic raw milk from the Amish.

Since it's hard to find great quality fresh raw dairy, and Annika was ordering it to Miami for her family, she decided to let others have an opportunity to order as well so that everyone could save money on shipping, and order many of their other great foods. She and some other members organized for a refrigerated truck to bring down the farm food and dairy, and the trucking fees were split between all members ordering, saving everyone a lot of money!

Why do some babies (& adults) only tolerate raw goat or sheep milk?

Pasteurized cow milk is hardest to digest because its protein molecules are many times larger in size than human milk. However, goat milk protein is similar in size to human milk. (SEE CHART OF DAIRY DIGESTIBILITY here). 

In addition, the pasteurization process kills of beneficial bacterial and living enzymes which are there to help improve digestion. Thus, raw milk (unpasteurized) is easiest to digest, and goat milk (and sheep milk) is far easier to break down than cow milk. You can read more details on using raw goat or cow milk formula for your infants here

Finding healthy alternatives to commercial Infant Formula

Annika's baby, Kira, was allergic/sensitive to cow milk based products since birth. While breastfeeding, Annika could not even consume any cow dairy or her breast milk would make Kira very sick resulting in her screaming with gas pain for hours and vomiting. Pediatricians just wanted to prescribe antacids and "hypoallergenic formulas" made of synthetic GMO ingredients. Seom very undesirable choices for a baby! 

Since all infant formulas are cow dairy based, and soy formula is poison to babies, there seemed to be no healthy options. You can read more about the dangers of soy formula here. Read Annika's blog on Infant Nutrition here.

Luckily, Annika's research turned up the information on "real milk", and she introduced Kira to raw goat milk and several months later to raw cow milk at 11 months. Kira did great! Yet, to this day, Kira does not tolerate pasteurized milk or infant formula and breaks out in a rash. The difference is that Kira can digest raw milk products, but not pasteurized cow milk products.

Homemade formula with raw milk is the second best thing a baby can get if he/she can't get breastmilk. This is a fascinating topic and I recommend you read up on it!

Over the years, Annika has met many other moms who had the same problem with their babies not doing well on formula, or simply wanted to get the best breast milk substitute by making their own homemade infant formula. Many families buy raw milk for their families due to its health benefits.

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