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Whole Chicken Fryer, Soy free (Avg. 5lbs)

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Product from Miller's Organic Farm
Part Number: MOF-chicken-whole-fryer
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Avg. 4-6 lb - $ 6.95/lb

"Whole Fryer" is another name for a whole chicken, but it does not contain any internal organs, head, or feet. Each chicken fryer has an average weight of 5 pounds. When you order quantity of 1, you are ordering 1 whole chicken fryer of apx 5 pounds.

Chicken arrives to you FROZEN unless you request "Fresh not frozen" on your order comments during checkout.  Fresh chickens are available May through December.  January through April can be unpredictable. 

Chickens are NOT fed any soy. See the Chicken Category page for details on their natural diet, how they are treated, and their healthy life.

Unlike the inexpensive "Soup Chicken" (aka Whole Bird for Stock) sold on this site, this is a tender and juicy young chicken which can be baked or boiled to get delicious chicken meat for many recipes.

Recipe idea:
Tender Boiled Chicken (a.k.a. "Chinese Chicken")
1. Defrost 3-4 pound whole pastured chicken overnight and rinse.
2. Boil 4 Quarts (16 cups) filtered water and add whole chicken to boiling water. (optional add ins; ginger, onions, garlic, Bay leaf)
3. Once water boils again, boil 7 minutes (7 min exactly for 4 lb chicken)
4. Remove from heat and cover for 60 min. DO NOT lift the lid and look! Chicken is processing with exact temperature.
5. Remove chicken from water and place in colander to cool. (Do NOT discard water but do remove scum if any in water).
6. When cool, remove chicken and skin from bone and put all bones, skin, and cartilage back into water to start making your chicken stock. (or buy Amos Miller's ready made chicken broth stock)

Shred chicken and store for the week. Use for: chicken soup, chicken mayo salad, chicken quesadilla, curried chicken, chicken tacos, chicken chile, chicken frittata, chicken and veggies, chicken pasta, etc.

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