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*Sheep Yogurt

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Product from Miller's Organic Farm
Part Number: sheepyogurt
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This sheep yogurt has a naturally SWEET flavor! This fresh milk yogurt is NOT heated past 102 degrees (cow body temperature), thus the enzymes and beneficial bacteria stay in tact. 
How does it taste? 
It is a heavenly food! It has a different taste and texture from the cow and goat yogurt, and really quite extraordinary. The flavor is mild and slightly sweet (naturally). The texture is thicker than all the other yogurts, even somewhat thicker than the Miller's Greek Yogurt. Although it's 4 times the price of regular cow yogurt, you'll get 10x the pleasure, and due to its easily digestible nature, you'll probably absorb more nutrients and protein from it. 

During Jan and Feb each year, there is NO SHEEP MILK available. (FROZEN milk only). However, there is sometimes some fresh sheep yogurt pending on availability.

Digestibility and Benefits of Sheep Yogurt
Sheep dairy contains 100% A2 beta-casein (due to their genetic breed). A2 dairy is more easily digestible by humans and not inflammatory like A1 casein can be. A1 casein is found in most commercially available cow milk, however Miller's Farm has been transitioning to A2 breeds of cows over the last few years, and now has a mixed A1/A2 heard. 

So, anyone who has been avoiding dairy due to digestion issues or inflammation, should give sheep dairy a try! 

Also, if you typically suffer from gas, bloating, or indigestion after consuming dairy, check out this Dairy Digestibility Chart I made to help you find which dairy to re-introduce first based on its digestibility. 

We have sheep yogurt for dessert a few times a week, topped with soaked crispy nuts, berries, and raw honey

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