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Self Health Revolution e-Book
Self Health Revolution e-Book

Self Health Revolution e-Book

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Michael S. Zenn
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Newly revised and updated, this electrifying guide has been praised by doctors, health experts, and readers who have taken their own self-health challenge.

Describing himself as an ordinary guy who discovered an extraordinary secret, which he now feels compelled to share with everyone, J. Michael Zenn completely changed his own life when he began a quest to get healthy.

With some simple but profound improvements to his diet and everyday habits, Zenn lost fifty pounds and six inches off his waist and within just a few months felt and looked younger than he had in two decades. So he quit his job and spent a year reading 200 books and interviewing experts in order to write about the powerful message he calls the self-health revolution.

In this inspiring book, Zenn reveals:
The hidden ingredient in our food that makes us fat
The Tsunami of Diabesity (obesity + diabetes) that threatens our health, our health-care system, and our economy
Three simple things you can do to get fit and stay thin
A forgotten remedy that can get rid of your aches and pains
One thing you can do now to help extend your life
The little-known reason most people feel tired and run down
How unhappiness and stress can take years off your life
The Number 3 killer that nobody wants to talk about
A cure that your doctor may not know about or cant tell you
Now you can join the revolution of self-health throughout America. Take the 10-day challenge.
You'll lose weight, keep it off, feel better, and have more energy than you thought possible.

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