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Raw Kefir Ice Cream (16 oz.)

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CHOCOLATE FLAVOR - Homemade ice cream with all raw natural/organic ingredients
Part Number: artisanfreeze_kefir_icecream
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We’re compromised to bring nutrient dense probiotic ice cream to your home. Using only high-quality healing ingredients that come from sources that we know and trust. Our promise is to use ancestral wisdom to transform ice cream into a nutritious probiotic treat.

This is GOOD! For both your taste buds and your gut!

Kefir is considered the most powerful natural probiotic. It has been promoting health and curative properties since the beginning of recorded history.

We like to call it “The Ancient Elixir of Longevity”

Why introduce KEFIR into your day to day?

  1. Healing your gut: Kefir replenishes your gut flora with good bacteria and yeast, which provides long-term health and healthy aging.
  2. Improving your digestion: Kefir's yeast, good bacteria, and excess digestive enzymes facilities digestion and eliminates constipation.
  3. Strengthening your immune system: Kefir nourishes your body and provides you strength to fight against illnesses by fortifying your immune system.


*All our ingredients are organic and our dairy comes from 100% grass-fed and grass-finished cows.


  • Raw cream
  • Kefir (from raw milk)
  • 100% Unsweetened cacao
  • Raw unfiltered honey


  • Coconut cream
  • Kefir (from raw milk)
  • 100% maple syrup
  • Raw cream


  • Raw cream
  • Kefir (from raw milk)
  • Ginger
  • Raw unfiltered honey

More about Kefir

Nourish yourself with knowledge about Kefir made from Raw milk and all the benefits it could have to your health. I’m attaching a variety of sources where you can learn from and be informed about what you are consuming.

Benefits of Raw Organic Dairy

  • Un-homogenized, un-pasteurized pastured Cow milk dairy
  • Easily digested by those intolerant to dairy (digests itself)
  • Excellent for your immune system: contains enzymes, probiotics, and immune building compounds not found in regular organic milk.
  • Helps prevent asthma, eczema, allergies, ear infections, gastrointestinal problems, dermatitis, and auto-immune problems.
  • Contains enzymes that improve Calcium and Magnesium absorption into your bones.
  • Probiotics in the milk strengthen the digestive system allowing tolerance by those with IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) and allergies.
  • Contains immune building compounds excellent for infants & kids.
  • Good for the heart, kidneys, prostate, & blood pressure (pasteurized milk makes these worse).

Raw milk is not homogenized nor pasteurized. Unlike organic supermarket milk, raw milk contains numerous immune building compounds, natural enzymes, is richer in vitamins and minerals, and contains cancer-fighting CLA. Pasteurization kills all the beneficial properties of milk making it difficult to digest because it is devoid of enzymes.

Learn about ancestral nutrition:

Dr. Weston A. Price Research Study: A researcher that traveled the world in the 1930s to discover why indigenous that followed ancient food traditions had a better health than people following modern traditions.

Characteristics of traditional/ancestral diets

Sally Fallon - Mini Lesson about the benefits of real milk: Sally Fallon explains the benefits of Raw Milk and the problems related to milk pasteurization. She is the president of the Weston A. Price Foundation.

Sally Fallon - What is real milk? : What is real milk and why should we consume it?

Dr. Mercola Interviews Mark McAfee about Raw Milk: Mark McAfee, one of the largest producers of raw milk in the United States talks about how to educate the public about its importance and the two different types of raw milk. He covers interesting facts about the history of pasteurized milk, and the problems of consuming it - actual facts and data.

The milk difference chart

Fermentation and the benefit of bacteria

Price-Pottenger Presents: Mark McAfee and The Raw Milk Secret

7 Reasons to have Kefir every day

Aprendamos sobre la alimentación ancestral - Español

Caracteristicas de las dietas tradicionales/ancestrales por el Dr. Weston A. Price: El Doctor viajó por el mundo en los años 1930 para entender por que los indígenas que llevaban una nutrición ancestral eran mas saludables que aquellas personas que llevaban una dieta moderna.

Principios de la alimentación ancestral - Yo soy Pachamista

Video: Nutrición y Degeneración Física - Dr. Weston A. Price

Yo soy Fermentista - Sobre la leche cruda: Katita Williamson nos informa sobre las diferencias de la leche A1 y A2. Nos trae información en español sobre alimentos ancestrales y orgánicos.

Beneficios de la miel cruda

More resources to look at:

Podcast: More about Kefir

About the Weston A. Price Foundation

The raw milk institute

A Campaign for Real Milk

Healthy4Life Book PDF: For Cooking and Eating Healthy, Delicious, Traditional Whole Foods

Kefir Benefits

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