Miller's BIODIVERSITY Farm has a new meat processor

So much care and attention go into every little detail of Biodiversity's farming practices. The goal is to provide you with the most natural, most nutritious, and most delicious food. 

Although we have full control on the farm, once an animal goes to the processor, it’s out of our hands. We don’t want an “ok” or “good” processor. We want an “awesome” processor, one that holds the highest standards, just like we do on the farm. 

I wish it was easy to find what we’re looking for. But, sadly it's not. Awesome processors are hard to come by. We were starting to think they didn’t exist, just mythological creature that exists in fairy tales. We had given up hope and were working with the best options available. 

Then… something miraculous happened. Our dreams came true. Let me enthusiastically introduce... Olde Tyme Meats! 

Olde Tyme Meats is actually not a new processor. They used to be “ok” or “good”. But, about a year ago, they came under new ownership - owners that truly care about natural farming and quality. And then, everything changed. 

After conversations with the new leadership, a tour of the facility, and a couple of processing dates, farmer Aaron can now proclaim that Olde Tyme Meats is an “awesome” processor. 

Hooray!! Here are 8 reasons we’re in love with our new processor, Olde Tyme Meats. 

1. They treat animals humanely. No long waits at a feedlot that’s overcrowded or poorly ventilated. 

2. Our animals are kept in a low-stress environment and are slaughtered the same day they arrive, one at a time, with respect to each animal.  

3. They use a natural sanitizer for “washing” meat. Raw organic apple cider vinegar is added to water for cleaning meat. Yes, this is USDA approved and an excellent, more natural alternative to lab-produced citric and lactic acids.

4. They have better quality cuts that are consistent and clean. This makes for better cooking results. We can even offer sliced beef liver, which is quite a challenge to make. Offering the weird cuts. 

5. Olde Tyme Meats will process a wider variety of offal. Now, we will have beef adrenals and beef spleen! Using quality ingredients. 

6. Nothing proprietary here. We will have control over the sourcing of the ingredients, local or organic. Consistent pack sizes. If we say a pack is an average 1lb, it will be closer to that estimate now.  

7. Packs are sealed tight. This will reduce the number of leaky packs, which I’m sure you’ve experienced when thawing meat at home. 

8. Good customer service. When we have feedback, they care and listen and make changes whenever possible to solve the problem. We love it. We love it. We love it all. We plan to process all of our grass-fed and finished beef and pastured woodland pork with Olde Tyme Meats from this point forward. 

We still have some older inventory in the freezer, so it will be at most a year before we are fully transitioned to the new processor. 

What does this mean for you? Even better quality beef and pork! What do you value when buying meat? Are the farming practices or the butchering quality more important? Do you wish any of our meats were cut or packaged differently? 

8 reasons to love our new meat processor

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