Fresh Farm Eggs from a Local Miami Farm Coming to the Healthy Food Club!
Fresh Farm Eggs from a Local Miami Farm Coming to the Healthy Food Club! You heard the eggciting news, right? 

My Healthy Food Club is adding free-range organic eggs from a local Miami farm!!! 

Nation-wide supply issues are worrisome and we love to support our friends in and near Miami to minimize possible food shortages, as well as support hard-working local farms striving for sustainable food production. 

The baby chicks at Regener8 Farm, are now officially the Laying Hens of Regener8 Farm. There are a number of reasons why our eggs are better than most of the eggs at the store. Let's start with the way our hens are raised. 

The hens are free ranging and move about in our fruit orchard, every couple of months the farmers move the chicken coop to another section of the fruit orchard. 

The hens are free to find bugs, weeds, and grasses like the millet we have planted there for them to eat. Our hens also receive food scraps to eat every Wednesday directly from the Centner Academy Cafeteria - all organic. 

Farmer Dani that delivers the CSA boxes brings back food scraps from the cafeteria and the hens get to enjoy those goods! Did you know that chickens do not have taste receptors for spicy food? That's a fun fact for you. 

Let's talk about the feed that most conventional egg operations give to their hens; GMO corn and GMO soy. 

That is why the Omega 6 fatty acids in most eggs are becoming too high causing inflammation in both the animals and the humans that eat their products. New Country Organics feed is what the farmers at Regener8 feed the hens. This feed is non-GMO and allergen-free (no soy or corn), it contains beneficial probiotics and good organic grains as well as organic flaxseed to help keep up with the good Omega 3 fatty acids in the hens' diet. It looks a lot like the muesli you may have for breakfast. There aren't many organic feed options in the market feed stores and the price is three times as much per bag but as the demand continues to grow because of communities like you, the hope is that more companies will start to focus on providing cleaner and more nutrient dense feed for the animals!

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