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Most popular bacon is the "cured and salted" kind which make crispy bacon strips. Nchemical nitrites are used. 
NEW smoking procedure Dec 2012: The bacon is cured in a brine of unrefined Redmond real salt (containing minerals), black pepper, vinegar, baking soda, and water. It is soaked in this brine and smoked in the smokehouse. 

"Regular" Bacon (Cured and Salted or Uncured): comes from the belly of the hog.

Canadian Bacon comes from the spine of the hog and is in a round shape. It's more lean than "regular" cured and salted bacon but not as lean as the Country bacon. Since there is more meat, it is a little tougher. 

Country Bacon comes from the shoulder of hog. It's more lean than the regular cured and salted bacon.  Comes in strips. 

All hogs live outdoors and have the choice of staying under cover in their covered barn or to play in their big mud pasture. They are fed oats soaked in skim milk from grass-fed cows, whey from the cheese making, and some chemical-free corn. The whey is an expensive food for them to eat, but it results in very tasty bacon and pork.

This bacon is the "good stuff". Read Dr. Mercola's article on factory farmed Bacon and dangers of Nitrates and even the "natural nitrates" made of celery and why that's no good either.

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