6 facts about the planet’s healthiest oil you probably didn’t know

You have probably been wondering what is all the fuss about coconut oil, that old thing that has been around us for ages. Turns out that while most of us have been distracted by the latest cosmetic chemical products, Mother Nature has been providing EVERYTHING we needed in one very generous substance.

Coconut oil is a vegetable oil entirely constituted by triglycerides, which means it does not have any cholesterol. Its composition includes other micronutrients such as vitamin K and iron among others that make this oil one of the items that can never be missing from your natural recipes repertoire. If you are truly looking forward to keep a strong organism, here are some of the benefits of the “healthiest oil on earth” you need to know:

1.- Keeps your skin healthy and young

Due to its richness on vitamin E, coconut oil is really effective on the natural treatment of skin-related conditions such as acne, rosacea, keratosis, and even psoriasis. Being the substance with the highest level of lauric acid on nature, coconut oil also contributes greatly when treating illnesses such as herpes, influenza, cytomegalovirus and it is particularly effective to treat and cure candida.

2.- Supports the heart’s health

Medium-chain fatty acid presence on coconut oil represents a protective factor when confronting different heart diseases such as atherosclerosis and from other degenerative pathologies such as Alzheimer’s.

3.- Promotes a correct thyroid function

Fatty acids have the power to inhibit an enzyme called 5-alfa-reductase, which is responsible for transforming testosterone into dihydrotestosterone (DHT). Therefore, ingesting a moderate quantity of coconut oil helps preventing some hormonal conditions such as prostatic hypertrophy, polycystic ovaries, and in consequence, the acne commonly caused by hormonal dysfunction.

4.- Reinforce your immune system

Different studies have shown that coconut oil’s intake contributes to the reinforcement of the immune system, helping the organism to defend from the attack of external damaging agents.

5.-Speeds up and reinforces metabolism

If you are looking forward to lose weight, coconut oil is your new best friend. Once ingested, the fatty acids contained by coconut oil, have the ability to reach the liver very fast; representing a very sustainable and easy to access source of energy for the body. Furthermore, coconut oil is a thermogenic food, which means that it has the potential to speed up metabolism, contributing to fat burning and elimination processes to happen faster in our bodies.

6.- Keeps your finances steady

In contrast to the rest of the products in the market, the cost of coconut oil is lower than other products with very less versatility in the market.

From all its cosmetic uses to its powerful salutary properties, coconut oil offers a vast number of benefits, all in one product. But don’t let words persuade you, go ahead and try this natural wonder and let your body speak for itself.

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