Turkey: Whole Organic Pastured (fed some non-GMO soy)
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Turkey: Whole Organic Pastured (fed some non-GMO soy)
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In Limited Supply (call farm at 717-556-0672 to make sure they have one left before you order it).

Weight range is 10-17 pounds ($4 per pound). Your invoice will be adjusted once the exact weight of the turkey is determined. 

Note: Turkeys arrive frozen unless you request "Turkey FRESH NOT FROZEN" in comments at checkout.

These pastured turkeys are free-roaming and enjoy natural sunlight and disease free living conditions!

  Please specify your desired size in your notes.

What do the Turkeys eat?
They get to forage naturally for their typical diet of insects, worms, seeds, and plants. In addition, they are given healthy food scraps/leftovers from the farmer's kitchen (which they love!), and a mineral supplement feed.

Mineral Supplement Feed Ingredients: Araganite (minerals), cracked corn (organic non-GMO), crab-meal, fish-meal, peanut meal, poultry nutri-balancer, and wheat.

Regular Pastured Turkeys (Fed some soy)
These turkeys are fed some soy along with their regular natural feed listed above, but the soy and corn is NOT Genetically Modified (GMO) and is considered "natural chemical free feed".

Why is PASTURED Organic Turkey Best?
Pastured means the animals are free roaming in nature and not confined in a small box their whole life. They get fresh air and sunlight, and forage for foods like insects and plants naturally found outdoors. This results in a very healthy animal who never needs to be given any antibiotics, and thus healthy, delicious food for you to eat!

Organic Turkeys may or may not be free roaming. This depends on the farm they are from so it's best that you ask if it does not specifically state "Pastured" or "Free Roaming". Organic Turkeys eat pesticide-free, chemical-free, and GMO-free feed which is important, and are not given any antibiotics.

Conventional Turkeys found in grocery stores are packed tight indoors in cages. Because of their close quarters, they are routinely fed antibiotics to ward off infection. They dine on GMO soy and corn instead of natural food, and their corn and soy-meal was sprayed with pesticides. Their environment is filled with the strong stench of their fecal mater which is usually piled high in their cage and filled with toxic bacteria. They live very stressed lives.

All Natural means it that does not contain artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives and is minimally processed. The term Free Range doesn't necessarily guarantee a clean, safe area outdoors, and those birds can be treated with antibiotics.  Know your farm.  If you are not getting an organic bird, at the very least, make sure to choose an AF (antibiotic- & hormone-free) bird and one that has room to move from a farm that is animal friendly.
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