BEEF-100% Grassfed

All beef comes from cows that are 100% grass-fed, not partially grass-fed like most meats at the health food store. This affects the meat's fatty acid ratio dramatically. During the winter months when there is little grass, they eat hay.

Read about the health benefits of grass-fed beef and why is it very important to feed cows grass and NOT grains, corn, and soy. Millers Farm Cows are free to roam on open pastures through their entire life. They lead happy lives, and are slaughtered humanely without any suffering or cruelty.

Note: Beef arrives FROZEN unless you specify in comments that you want FRESH/Non- frozen meats. Most cuts come thin to medium sliced and are not ideal for BBQ if you like thick steaks.

Click to see image showing the names and location for each BEEF CUT on the cattle. Or download a handy PDF. Or checkout multiple Beef-Charts at Virtual Weber Bullet.